Congratulations to the silver medal at the World Championship 2015

Bo "Bosse" Ankerstedt, SWEDEN


T-REX 27 ver 2.0


Engine: QuickDraw 27 Pioneer

Prop: Dasboata 6719/3

Radio: Futaba

Swedish team's success at the World Championship 2015 in Görlitz, Germany.

FSR H 3,5 Bengtsson Mattias Silver medal

FSR H 7,5 Lundahl Fredrik Bronze medal

FSR H 15 Martinelle Anders Gold medal

FSR H 15 Perttula Mikael Bronze medal

FSR H 27 Ankerstedt Bosse Silver medal

FSR O 3,5 Westerlund Jonas Silver medal

FSR O 7,5 J Granlöf Elin Bronze medal

FSR O 27 Kronstrand Jan Silver medal

FSR O 35 Lander John Silver medal

FSR V 7,5 Cederberg Frederick Gold medal



Congratulations to all of you

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